Samford's new cafe and dining experience.

Welcome to Little Tree Bake & Brewhouse.


Not only has something big come to Samford, something truly unique has come to Brisbane! Tucked away in the northern end of Samford Village, Little Tree Bake and Brew House offers the best of the best in artisan bakery items. 

At Little Tree we are committed to sourcing and incorporating local and sustainable produce into our seasonal offering.

Everything on our menu is bespoke, made from scratch in our kitchen and very own bakery.  We are a passionate team, here to deliver a world class cafe and dining experience.

Samford is our home and we want only the best for it.  All our organic waste is recycled by Loop Growers and our packaging is 100% compostable.


From the Community

Bought a baguette and 2 croissants at 8am today which made me feel, for a moment at least, I was in France at a local boulangerie. I wish the team at Little Tree bake every success.
— Colin
By far the best place in Samford!. The team behind the original ‘Flying Nun’ have done it again!... Little Tree is an absolute gem and by far the best place for coffee, breakfast, brunch or lunch in Samford.
— Ivanka - via Tripadvisor
We had a coffee, croissants, sausage roll, pumpernickel rye bread and fruit loaf - ALL delicious!! We’ve found a new favourite, thank you!!
— Monique
It took only 32 years after leaving Germany and its bakeries to find a decent “Schwarzbrot” !! (Rye Sourdough). Thank you, thank you, thank you!
— Margit


52 Main Street, Samford Village, QLD, 4520